25 March 2008

New toy

My new toy: A shiny red bicycle with a basket (I love the basket!).

I bought this bike via an ad on Craigslist the day before I left for my NYC trip. Since I've returned, I have been riding every day.

I've always enjoyed bicycling somewhat, but was intimidated by the idea of riding in this busy city. I brought my old bike to school my freshman year, but I never rode it much, and then it was stolen. Not having a bike pushed the idea of biking out of my mind for obvious reasons.

A few weeks ago, my good friend Chelsea bought a bike, also through Craigslist, which inspired me to follow suit. I am so glad I did! So far, I have stuck to somewhat quiet streets, but I've found that negotiating the road with car traffic is not difficult. Perhaps because bicycles are so prevalent in this city, and thanks to the activism of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, cars are understanding and sometimes even courteous to the needs of cyclists.

Last night, Chelsea and I rode from USF to Ocean Beach and back. Gliding down a city street against the wind with the expansive Pacific Ocean visible at the end of the long road feels so exhilarating. And reaching the beach is just such a sweet reward for the hard work of climbing those San Francisco hills.

I can't wait to check out new areas of the city with this new mode of transportation.


Nancy Drew said...

Very cool bicycle and what a great way to explore SF. It pays to be a copy fox.

moorebrigid@gmail.com said...

sweet basket.

Anonymous said...

I love your basket! You two should go to Critical Mass the last Friday of every month, it's amazing to see so many cyclists joining together and bruising around the city. They meet the the Embarcadero and usually leave around 6:30ish.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I meant cruising.
and this is Jess.

laura_p said...

I would love to go to critical mass! Do you usually go? Let's try to do the one in April. It always has looked like so much fun to me, and now I am excited that I am actually able to do it.

Anonymous said...

i love this picture! let's ride again soon =)