03 April 2008

Going to D.C.!

So it is official: I am going to Washington D.C. on Sunday to participate in an mtvU program called Editorial Board. The premise of the show is for four college journalists to interview a political figure to get him or her to answer to the issues that are important to young people. There has only been one episode so far, in which the students interviewed Bill Clinton. You can watch it on the Editorial Board web site.

I am one of the lucky four who gets to interview Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for the show's second episode.

I fly out to D.C. on Sunday, rehearse Monday, and the interview takes place Tuesday. I fly back to San Francisco Tuesday night. Somewhere between all that I hope to see some of the sights our nation's capital has to offer -- I've never been! -- but I won't be heartbroken if that doesn't happen.

All in all, free trip to D.C., opportunity to meet one of my political heroines, invaluable journalistic experience -- not a bad deal.


david silver said...

such a great opportunity and totally well deserved. enjoy yourself and experience a lot.

moorebrigid@gmail.com said...

hope it's fun!

laura_p said...

Thanks guys!!! I just wrapped everything up, and am just reflecting on the amazing experience. Expect a blog post in the next 24 hours.

nancy drew said...

Saw the sneak peak... you're #1 (yay!). You look fabulous and seem so intelligent. Can't wait to read all about it!!