30 June 2008

My Creations

They say creativity is something most people lose as they grow older. I know this to be true for me, as I have already seen my creativity deteriorate drastically. When I was little, my sister and I would spend hours upon hours sitting at the kitchen table with nothing but markers and a stack of blank white paper. With this we would create all kinds of art, art that told stories about completely fictitious people, places, and things. As I grew a bit older, writing became my forte. I would write all the time. Short stories flew off my fingertips magically. Characters with all sorts of complex problems and situations would suddenly exist out of nothingness, simply because I created them.

Now, these tasks seem daunting. My perfectionist instincts halt any creative urges at the door. If I were to draw something, it would have to look realistic, the shading would have to be accurate, the shadow would have to correspond to the light falling... If I were to write, there would have to be great symbolism, social commentary, wit, sophisticated diction and syntax... I forfeit before I enter the game.

I would like to keep whatever remaining creativity I have. Blogging my creative pursuits will allow me to see all that I have accomplished and might actually help strengthen the creative side of my mind.

Lately, my mom has been into beading necklaces, and has taught me a few basic tricks of the trade. I saw these small bird charms at a little store called The Bead Shoppe in Roseville, CA and became immediately inspired to make earrings out of them. Here is how they came out:

I love how simple they look. The red and gold is a very sweet color combination I think. And I love how the birds look like they are swinging from a perch. This project was very simple and fun to do!

Hopefully keeping this blog will have the twofold effect of not only allowing me to see all of my work and progress in one place, but also encouraging and inspiring me to do even more creative endeavors.

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Chelsea said...

Summer is a great time to explore your creative instincts! Hopefully you haven't forgotten your superior crocheting skills ;)