25 February 2009

ESF does North Beach

This semester I'm in an exciting special topics class in the media studies department called Eating San Francisco. ESF is a class about food, cinema and the city of San Francisco taught at the University of San Francisco by Professor David Silver. Did I mention how much I love my major?

Our first unit was on all things Italian. We watched the film Big Night, about a pair of Italian brothers who own an Italian restaurant in the United States, and learned about the history of North Beach, the Italian neighborhood in San Francisco. To encapsulate all of our new learning, we took a field trip to North Beach... check out this video of all the sights we saw and the foods we ate!

Makes you hungry, doesn't it? Check back at my blog soon for posts about Mexican food in the Mission, LGBTQ culture and dinner in the Castro, Dim Sum in Chinatown, and more!!!


Teresa said...

hey laura! i love your video. I really like how you included pictures and descriptions of all those dishes. keep up the good work!

Nancy Tracy said...

Hey, I want to get close to God, too! Loved the video!!

skblackburn said...

love the post! great video and hilarious song.