25 February 2008

The joys of Amtrak

Riding Amtrak is something I have become quite familiar with since I moved from Sacramento to San Francisco in fall of 2006. It occurs to me that trains have become somewhat of an antiquated mode of transportation -- often when I tell people that I am taking the train home, they seem to be very intrigued -- so I decided to blog my Amtrak experience.

First, you must decide if you want to travel alone or with a companion.
The upside of traveling with a companion is, well, the companionship. The downside is when you are waiting for her to finish packing, which causes you to miss your bus to the Ferry Building, causing you to miss your bus to the train station in Emeryville, and of course, missing the train from Emeryville to Roseville.

It's okay; we caught the next one. Besides, the Ferry Building is not the worst place to wait for an hour.

We eventually made it to Emeryville. Seeing the train pull up after all that waiting is a sight for sore eyes.

But nothing is more beautiful than some of those views from the train window... The region between the Richmond and Martinez stations is particularly breathtaking.

The train stops in Sacramento. Alas, only one more leg of the journey: the bus from Sacramento to Roseville.

Roseville Train Station -- it may look insignificant, but fun fact! Did you know that in the first half of the twentieth century, Roseville was home of the largest freight marshaling yards west of the Mississippi River? Now you do!

Waiting for our friend to pick us up, we couldn't help but notice this fellow waiting with us.

The funny thing is, he didn't belong to anyone. He was just chilling there.

the Roseville skyline... one to rival San Francisco's? Maybe not.

So, to recap: Took the 31 bus to the Ferry Building, took an Amtrak bus to the Emeryville Train Station, took an Amtrak train to the Sacramento Train Station, took an Amtrak bus to the Roseville Train Station, got a ride home from a friend. Though it would be nice for the trip to be a bit more streamlined, I can't complain. It's always a bit of an adventure.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! This is one of my favorite Amtrak trips, too. Just wish you didn't have to get on and off so many other mass transports to enjoy the fillet experience of the train trip itself. As for travelling alone or with others... I enjoy it both ways, but when alone I have met some interesting folks.

Kirstyn said...

Ah, sorry about that delaying thing.

I have your picture from ON the train, which I think is worthy of mention. (haha)
I'm such a creeper with a camera phone, though.

And yeah, the pictures are really pretty. :)

laura_p said...

haha quite alright kirstyn. you should e-mail me that pic from your camera phone. that really made the trip.