15 February 2008


Sometimes people I know from home ask me what it's like living in San Francisco. I always end up smiling, thinking really hard, and coming up with a terribly inadequate answer. The truth is, it is the kind of thing that cannot be explained.

Last night was Valentines Day, and while I imagine the single citizens of most cities moped around their apartments in their p.j.s and ordered pizza, that kind of thing just wouldn't fly here.

City-wide Valentines Day Pillow fight. That is just one of the reasons I love San Francisco.


miles said...

you are absolutely right, life in the city of san francisco is unexplainable. Do you ever get asked by parents or family what's going on in your life but you are too embarrassed to say that you went to the "pillow fight"? I dunno, I experience this all the time...

moorebrigid@gmail.com said...

so bummed I missed this....next year!